—Rebecca's former catchphrase

Rebecca Guglielmino is a supporting character in the first two seasons of Alex & Co. and a main character starting in Episode 42 of Season 3. She was Linda and Samantha's best friend and the second most popular girl at the Melsher Institute. She used to reply to everything Linda said with "absolutely," and used to follow Linda around everywhere.

In the second season, Rebecca began to get tutored by Sam and found out that she could sing. She and Sam fell in love, and he wrote a song for her called "Likewise". They later started a relationship, which they kept a secret because of their friends, and Sam helped Rebecca break away from Linda. Rebecca discovered she had within her a lot more than she thought, and thanks to Sam has found the courage to bring out her personality and her musical talent.

In the first part of Season 3, after arguing with Linda, she started to make new, true friendships, and supported Sam in all of his endeavors. In the second part, she suffered while trying to cope with Sam's moving abroad, but she met a new guy, Matt.

Rebecca is portrayed by Giulia Guerrini.


In the first season, Rebecca is shown to just be a pretty face. She is shallow, naïve and most definitely can't think for herself. She wears the same colors as Linda in most episodes, but sometimes only wears a small fraction of that color. However, in Season 2, she starts to spend less time with Linda as she starts being tutored by Sam. With him, Rebecca shows a much more kinder and eager to learn side, which is most likely fueled by her falling for him.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Rebecca has blonde hair. She often wears it down. She wears a lot of pink and black. She often wears a long sleeved shirt, a skirt and tights or pants.

Season 2


Season 3




She has been Linda's best friend since before the series started, when they were at the kindergarten.




Giada Guglielmino
Young sister See: Giabecca
In spite of being sisters, they don't get along well. When Rebecca decided to leave The Lindas, her sister replaced her in the group.


Samantha Ferri
Best friend See: Ramantha
Samantha is Rebecca's best friend. Like Rebecca used to do, she follows Linda everywhere and agrees with everything she says. The only difference between them is that Samantha says "Obviously!". Since Rebecca left The Lindas and Samantha didn't, they have continued being friends in spite of Linda.


Linda Rossetti
Enemy, former best friend See: Rinda
Rebecca used to be Linda's best friend. She followed her everywhere she went and supported her in everything she did. She used the word "Absolutely!" in reply to most things Linda said. Rebecca was shown to be the dumb on of the trio and Linda's number 2. When Rebecca met Sam, he opened her mind in such a way that she decided to leave The Lindas.


Sam Costa
Ex-boyfriend, enemies (former) See: Samecca
Sam and Rebecca first actually spoke when Sam started tutoring Rebecca. Rebecca showed a less shallow side towards Sam and spending time with each other caused them to develop feelings for each other. Sam writes a song called "Likewise" for her, which she sings with him. They later start a secret relationship with each other. Rebecca breaks up with him in episode 29 because of Linda, but they get back together in Episode 31. In Season 3 first part they are still a couple, but after Sam's moving, they break up in pain in Episode 44 because of the distance.
Crush-by-on See: Ratt
They met at the pub where he played. She confused him with the waiter and he fell in love with her.


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  • She was a major recurring character but was made into a main character in season 3 second part.
  • It is possible that she can speak English.
  • Her surname is revealed in episode 21 on the cover of her work with Sam.


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