Nicolex (Nico/le and A/lex) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Nicole De Ponte and Alex Leoni in Alex & Co.


Before the show

Nicole and Alex, along with Christian, have been friends for a very long. Over the summer, Nicole realized that she is in love with Alex.

During the show

Over the summer, Nicole realized that she had feelings for Alex. Throughout season 1, her crush was shown multiple times through jealousy of Emma and her conversations with Sam. Their friendship was jeopardized when Alex found out that Nicole knew that Emma is Principal Ferrari's father, but they later reconciled.

In season 2, they have a relationship. They sometimes fight, but always forgive each other. However, Nicole does not know whether to leave Alex or leave the band.

Finally, Nicole is leaving the band and breaking up with Alex because she thinks that music is not her passion and she just wants to be a friend to Alex. Meanwhile, Alex starts to date Clio and she makes up with him.

In season 3, Nicole applies for a young songwriters school because she enjoys writing songs and she has written a song about Nobody. When Emma tells her that Nobody is Alex, Nicole realizes she's still in love with Alex and tries to tell him but he misunderstands her and tells her that they are going to be best friends forever. Nicole asks Sara not to tell Alex about the song she wrote about her relationship with Alex but in episode 51 Alex finds out that she was the one who wrote that song so he sings it to her, kiss each other and make up again.




  • Alex is male but Nicole is female.
  • Nicole's hair is darker than Alex's.


  • Nicole and Alex are childhood friends.
  • They have matching friendship bracelets.
  • They have been boyfriend and girlfriend and exes during the series.


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