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Nicole De Ponte is a main character in Alex & Co. She is brave, courageous, and cannot express her feelings without anyone forcing her to. She is secretly in love with Alex, her best friend since they were little, but always gets stopped to say that because of Emma, Alex's crush.

In the second season, Nicole is more open and fearless. She sometimes fights with Alex, who is now her boyfriend but they always make up. After winning The Talent with Alex & Co., Nicole realises music is not her passion and has to decide whether to leave Alex or leave the band.

In Season 3 first part, Nicole is confused about what she wants. She does not know if she wants to continue in music. She is also very confused about her feelings for Alex. In the second part she will follow her new passion for writing song lyrics and will move to another city to study in a school for young writers.

Nicole De Ponte is portrayed by Eleonora Gaggero.


Fearless, Nicole goes on her instinct. She is intelligent and can think quick on her feet, which helps when getting into trouble. She is very confident. Despite this, she is easy to anger.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Nicole wears a lot of dark and/or tomboyish colors such as red, black, blue and green. She has long, dark brown hair that she often wears in a ponytail until Episode 8. She wears a lot of jackets and t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts with either a jacket or a sweater. She also always wears her "Together forever" bracelet.

Season 2

Nicole now wears lighter colors. She stops wearing jackets and sweaters. She also occasionally wears a leather jacket. She still always wears her "Together forever" bracelet, as well as other jewelry.

Season 3




Nicole lives in Milan, Italy. She was born to Sara and Rick De Ponte and is an only child.




Sam Costa
Friends, bandmates, former crush-by-on
When they first met, Sam had a crush on Nicole. His crush was very obvious as he did things like: getting her lunch and help her with Alex. Sam no longer has a crush on Nicole, as he is with Rebecca. Nicole was also the first person to know about Sam and Rebecca's relationship.
Christian Alessi
Friend, fake boyfriend (former) See: Chole
Christian and Nicole are friends. They once pretended to date to help Christian get Linda off his back.
Emma Ferrari
Friends, bandmates
Nicole disliked Emma when they first met, because she had realized that she had feelings for Alex. After seeing Emma with Principal Ferrari, Nicole grew suspicious about Emma and later found out that Emma is his daughter. They later properly became friends when Emma and Alex decided that they did not have feelings for each other. It is possible that Emma has considered Nicole a friend since they met, as Emma did not know about Nicole's feelings for Alex and Nicole was very kind to her.


Linda Rossetti
Enemies, presidential rivals
Nicole and Linda are presidential rivals. Nicole is the only person at the Melsher Institute who does not fear Linda, which causes her to battle against Linda and win presidency.


David has a crush on Nicole, but she does not return his feelings.
Alex Leoni
Boyfriend, bandmate See: Nicolex
Over the summer, Nicole realized that she had feelings for Alex. Throughout season 1, her crush was shown multiple times through jealousy of Emma and her conversations with Sam. Their friendship was jeopardized when Alex found out that Nicole knew that Emma is Principal Ferrari's daughter, but they later reconciled. In season 2, they have a relationship. They sometimes fight, but always forgive each other. However, Nicole does not know whether to leave Alex or leave the band.


# Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Special
14 PresentPresent
15 PresentAbsent
16 PresentAbsent
17 PresentAbsent
18 PresentAbsent
19  Present
20  Present


  • Nicole is in love with Alex.
  • Alex and Nicole have matching "Forever Together" bracelets.
  • Nicole won the presidential election.
  • She is often the first person to find out secrets as she was the first person to know about Emma being Principal Ferrari's daughter and Sam and Rebecca's relationship.
    • This often effects her relationship with her friends, as she is also keeping secrets from them.


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