Oh My Gloss!
—Linda's catchphrase

Linda Rossetti is a major recurring character in the Disney Channel series, Alex & Co. She is glamorous, beautiful and is considered the queen of the school. She comes from an upper-class family and is a selfish mean girl. She is dating the former captain of the football team Tom, but is in love with Christian, who does not return the feeling. She is always accompanied by Rebecca and Samantha and is feared by all. She gets jealous very easily and is always trying to get Alex and his friends in trouble.

In the second season, Linda remains how she is. She starts a band called "The Lindas" with Rebecca and Samantha and they compete against Alex & Co. (formerly Sound Aloud) in a talent contest. They sing a song named "Oh My Gloss", which is a reference to Linda's catchphrase, "Oh my gloss".

In Season 3, after the The Talent frustration and a period of 'inner purification' spent abroad, Linda returns to Melsher completely transformed. Now her values are the kindness, generosity and altruism, but even with her new personality, can Linda really be trusted this time around?

Linda Rossetti is portrayed by Lucrezia Roberta Di Michele.


Linda is very mean. Her catchphrase in "Oh my gloss", which is a reference to a type of makeup, lip gloss. Her best friends are Rebecca and Samantha, who comment on everything she does. Her boyfriend is Tom, who loves her a lot, but she does not return his feelings since she is in love with Christian. She hates Alex & Co. and will do anything to tear them down.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

In season 1, Linda had brown hair and brown eyes. She often wears a dress and a skirt with a belt and sometimes pants. She wears a lot of pink, blue and red. She usually wears long earrings and bracelets. She also has pink fake glasses, that she rarely wears.

Season 2


Season 3




Linda lives a life of luxury, never having to work and always getting what she wants.



Samantha Ferri
Best friend See: Sinda
Samantha is Linda's best friend. She follows her around and supports her in everything she does. She replies to most things Linda says with "Obviously!". She is shown to be more loyal to Linda than Rebecca.
Giada Guglielmino
Best friend See: Ginda
Linda is a role model for Giada as she tries to imitate Linda's behaviour. Like Rebecca and Samantha, Giada replies with "Totally!".


Emma Ferrari
Enemies, acquaintances
Emma and Linda are enemies because they both like Christian.
Nicole De Ponte
Enemies, presidential rivals
Nicole and Linda are presidential rivals. Nicole is the only person at the Melsher Institute who does not fear Linda, which causes her to battle against Linda and win presidency.
Rebecca Guglielmino
Enemies, former best friend See: Rinda
Rebecca used to be Linda's best friend. She followed her everywhere she went and supported her in everything she did. She used the word "Absolutely!" in reply to most things Linda said. Rebecca was shown to be the dumb on of the trio and Linda's number 2. When Rebecca met Sam, he opened her mind in such a way that she decided to leave The Lindas.


Ex-boyfriend See: Tinda
Tom is Linda's ex-boyfriend. He, unlike many popularity couples, actually has feelings for Linda. Tom later breaks up with Linda after he finds out that she likes Christian. However, she is shown to actually have a few feelings for him.
Christian Alessi
Crush See: Chrinda
Linda is first seen talking about how she likes Christian. Throughout the series, Linda has had an obvious crush on Christian, which he knows about. As of season 3, Linda still has a crush on Christian, but uses a friendlier approach to him as apposed to her former obvious ways, which causes Christian to believe that she is over him.


# Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Special
14 PresentPresent
15 PresentPresent
16 PresentPresent
17 PresentPresent
18 PresentPresent
19  Present
20  Present


  • So far, Linda, Samantha and Rebecca are the only recurring characters to have their last name revealed.
  • Her catchphrase is "Oh my gloss!".
  • Despite being a recurring character, she has appeared in more episodes than Emma.


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