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Emma Ferrari is a main character in Alex & Co. She is a new friend of Alex, Nicole, Christian and Sam. She first meets them when Alex overhears her singing while at her locker and falls in love with him. They go through many bumps such as lies, and other relationships until they later realize that they are not in love with each other.

Christian has now realized that he is in love with Emma, and she later falls in love with him. As her father now supports her singing, she is free to be herself and changes her style. She also has a better friendship with Nicole.

In Season 3 first part Emma still loves music, and she dreams of becoming a successful singer. But she soon learns that to realize her dreams she must be able to overcome even the toughest times. In the second part she will face Christian's unexpected moving to Australia and will meet a new guy, Ray.

Emma Ferrari is portrayed by Beatrice Vendramin.


Emma is loved by all for her beauty, and she knows it. She loves to sing, but her passion is not liked by her father. She is very sweet and knows right and wrong, but her anger can sometimes get the best of her.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Emma has medium length blonde hair and blue eyes. She often wears quite formal clothing such as blazers, shirts and floral print. She wears her hair down, except when she's around her father. She mainly wears pastel colors like: peach, pink and blue. She also wears red, black and different shades of brown. She sometimes wears a necklace with a silver treble clef, which belonged to her deceased mother.

Season 2

Emma's style has changed as she is now free to be herself. She still wears blazers, but shirts have been replaced by t-shirts. She has started wearing bolder colors as well as pants, although she still wears skirts. She has also grown her hair longer, and is free to wear it down and lightly curls it.

Season 3




Emma lives in Milan, Italy. She is the daughter of Augusto Ferrari and of Mrs. Castelli, who died before the show.




Nicole De Ponte
Friends, bandmates, former enemies
Nicole disliked Emma when they first met, because she had realized that she had feelings for Alex. After seeing Emma with Principal Ferrari, Nicole grew suspicious about Emma and later found out that Emma is his daughter. They later properly became friends when Emma and Alex decided that they did not have feelings for each other. It is possible that Emma has considered Nicole a friend since they met, as Emma did not know about Nicole's feelings for Alex and Nicole was very kind to her.


Linda Rossetti
Enemies, acquaintances
Emma and Linda are enemies because they both like Christian. Linda also found a picture of Emma with Principal Ferrari and sent it to the whole school.


Alex Leoni
Ex-boyfriend, friend, bandmates See: Emalex
Alex and Emma first met when Emma couldn't get her locker open. They fell in love when they first met and spent a lot of time together. Alex was angry at Emma when he found out that she is the Principal's daughter, but later forgave her.
Christian Alessi
Ex-boyfriend, bandmates See: Cemma
Christian and Emma are exes. After realizing that she did not have feelings for Alex, Emma fell in love with Christian, who wrote a song for her. They broke up when he moved to Australia.
Enemies, crush-by-on See: Bemma
Barto was told by Linda to date Emma, however he fell in love with her.
Crush See: Remma
They first met at the basketball court he was playing when she was walking in the park. Some days later, he went to the Blue Factory theatre to see her performance of Welcome to Your Show. When they started dating, they both composed and sang So Far Yet So Close.


# Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
1 Present Present Present
2 Present Present Absent
3 Present Present Present
4 Present Present Present
5 Present Present Present
6 Present Present Present
7 Present Present Present
8 Present Present Present
9 Present Present Present
10 Present Present Present
11 Present Present Present
12 Present Present Present
13 Present Present Present
14 Present Present
15 Present Present
16 Present Present
17 Present Present
18 Present Present
19 Present
20 Present


  • Her father is Augusto Ferrari, the principal of Melsher Institute.
  • She wrote the chorus to Music Speaks.
  • She wrote the lyrics of We Are One.
  • She used her mother's last name, Castelli, to hide that she is the principal's daughter.
  • Before high school she wore brace.
  • She is the first main character to be absent.
  • Despite having an operation on her throat, her voice did not change during the time she was in America.
  • She wears a necklace which belonged to her mother.
  • It was speculated that her last name was Castelli and Ferrari was used as mockery by Linda. However, her last name was revealed to be Ferrari in Episode 42.


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