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Alex Leoni is the titular character in Alex & Co. He is a good, adventurous, and a carefree guy. He is fourteen years old and attends Melsher Institute. Nicole and Christian are his childhood friends, but Alex is always ready to make new friends. He is the leader of his band, Alex & Co.

In Season 2, Alex and Nicole who is now his girlfriend, begin fighting a lot, although they truly love each other. He becomes upset when he finds out he has to leave Italy to go America, but later stays in Italy with his family and friends. He enters a talent show named The Talent, and wins with his band.

In Season 3, at the beginning of the new school year, Alex has to make difficult decisions, both in music and in love: torn between Nicole, his ex-girlfiend and Clio, a newcomer, Alex will have to shed light on his feelings.

Alex Leoni is portrayed by Leonardo Cecchi.


Alex seems like a misfit on the outside, and is on the inside, but really cares for his friends and family. He gets into trouble without even knowing it and is always looking for a good time. This causes him to be very curious and inquisitive.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

In season 1, Alex wears a lot of cardigans and jackets with a t-shirt underneath. He has quite short, dirty blonde hair. He often wears a thick brown string with orange, blue, grey and silver beads on it. He also occasionally wears a scarf or a hoodie.

Season 2

In season 2, Alex only wears jackets as apposed to cardigans and jackets. His hair seems to have gotten slightly longer and darker. He now wears a red guitar plectrum, a white guitar plectrum and a chain around his neck, instead of his string and beads.

Season 3




Alex lives in Milan, Italy. He was born to Elena and Diego Leoni and has an older brother named Joe. In Season 2 Alex's mother gives birth to a girl.




Christian Alessi
Best friend, bandmate
Christian and Alex have always been best friends. Christian often helped Alex with Emma by doing things like telling him what to say.
Sam Costa
Friend, bandmate
Sam and Alex first met when Alex stood up for Sam against Tom.


Alex and David are both rivals because they both have feelings for Nicole.
Rivals See: Ivalex
Alex and Ivan are enemies because Alex is dating Clio, Ivan's ex-girlfriend, and Ivan wants Clio back. Ivan works as support at the Blue Factory to get act as a fake friend to Alex and take him down. Ivan often sabotages Alex so he can dress up as Nobody. Ivan later says that Alex was a fake and that he is the real Nobody. They later have a competition to decide who the real Nobody is.


Emma Ferrari
Ex-girlfriend, friend, bandmate See: Emalex
Alex and Emma first met when Emma couldn't get her locker open. They fell in love when they first met and spent a lot of time together. Alex was angry at Emma when he found out that she is the Principal's daughter, but later forgave her.
Nicole De Ponte
Girlfriend, bandmate See: Nicolex
Over the summer, Nicole realized that she had feelings for Alex. Throughout season 1, her crush was shown multiple times through jealousy of Emma and her conversations with Sam. Their friendship was jeopardized when Alex found out that Nicole knew that Emma is Principal Ferrari's daughter, but they later reconciled. In season 2, they have a relationship. They sometimes fight, but always forgive each other. However, Nicole does not know whether to leave Alex or leave the band.
Clio Pinto
Ex-girlfriend See: Aclio
Alex and Clio first met when Clio ran into him and made his phone fall out of his hand, breaking it. Since then, Alex has had a crush on her and has stood up to Professor Strozzi for her.


# Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Special
14 PresentPresent
15 PresentPresent
16 PresentPresent
17 PresentPresent
18 PresentPresent
19  Present
20  Present


  • He lives in Via Gelsomini 32, Milan.
  • He and Nicole have matching "Forever Together" bracelets.
  • Leonardo Cecchi, who portrays Alex, said that Alex's favourite movie could be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • He is a good dancer.


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